in thirty seconds:

photo by matt

photo by matt

I write. I live, I take photos, I study people, I read, I write. I am cute as a fucking button, I smoke, I do dishes, I help little old ladies and small defenseless spiders, I’m either way out of your league or you’re too cool to hang out with me. I’m what you wish your sister was like. [my thirty seconds ended here] I don’t know why I write, or what I hope to accomplish from this blog. I just write. And shoot. And sometimes I hit “publish”. Oh, and I’m 26, an anthropology graduate student, and a horrible speller.

The past year has been a huge change– mostly to my body, as it grows a  little human, but also to my mind and my physical location.  I’ve spent more of my time not writing and not shooting pictures and not doing the things that I thought defined me than I have doing them.   I’m not sure why I still keep this blog but for some reason the thought of deleting it is too depressing.  I expect this blog will change as I have, hopefully into something I recognize as myself, albiet a more tired version.


2 Responses to “in thirty seconds:”

  1. kris Says:

    opps… kris10stl~ I’m new at this thingy. A new way to waste my time! I love it though!

  2. harliquin Says:

    Mirroring every word you say, I see the horizon through your hair.

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