fail whale

5 February, 2013


The little water dragon loves bath time- when he’s being a little jerk* we’ll take him in the bathroom and run a bath or one of us will hop in the shower while he sits and watches, and he calms right down… I’ve always known how to swim, as has everyone in my family.   So I thought the dragon would enjoy swimming lessons…I researched, scheduled, paid, visited the facilities (which are an hour away), bought the required paraphernalia and magic-markered his name on them….  And today was SWIM DAY!!!  

It was so. very. un-fun.  He cried the ENTIRE 30 minute class, which is about 25 minutes past my usual threshold for dragon tears.  We spent all but five minutes on the stairs, trying to find a happy place while the other babies participated in lessons and looked at us like we were illiterate librarians.

I think it was just new and loud and weird- and he was probably tired and hungry.  So, tonight and every night this week we will take a shower together, with the radio on LOUD, and hope next time goes better.  Maybe we’ll actually get INTO the pool before he cries.  maybe.  And I’ll just nurse him before the class, while the older babies in the class before ours scream and cavort in the echo-y, loud water.  

*I know, he’s a just a baby, and fussing does not make him a jerk… still, there are times when the only rational reaction to him is to flip him off behind his back.   


One Response to “fail whale”

  1. smoothpebble Says:

    Have you gone back?? If it still hasn’t worked out I think the bathtub is a perfectly reasonable place to “swim”!
    and p.s. every mom has done the flipping off or stuck their tongue out or prayed to God above to just shut the little sh*t up! If they say they haven’t they are a liar.

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