Nail demon

4 December, 2012

Aweee yeah

I awoke this morning to the usual sounds of the baby trumpeting the impending arrival of poop (this is how I wake up every morning now… and this is how most of my conversations begin) and discovered that a demon attacked him in the night leaving tiny, angry, red slashes down his nose. It must have been a demon or night spirit or something because those are the only options that leave me guiltless in the baby nail trimming department. And as both Archie and I were fast asleep, I can’t really be blamed. This is not the first time the demon has struck. This is not even the first time this week (it is Monday).

A demon?!

After a particularly horrible experience with the nail clippers, I’ve tried to file Archie’s nails while he’s asleep… and as he sleeps both lightly and infrequently I usually get about 2 fingernails trimmed. Which leaves 8 to try to trim the next nap… which then leaves 6… then 4… then 2… at which point I’m back to 10 nails to file. There is never a time where I’m not trying to file nails. I literally go through life with a nail file tucked into my pocket. It’s not like his nails are long, either– I’d be surprised if they were even a millimeter in length. I’ve tried doing it while he’s awake… He is strong and wiggley. So so wiggley. I’ve tried filing them when he’s nursing– he stops, yanks his hands away and frowns at me until I put the file down….

How did you/would you suggest I trim Archie’s nails and/or exerocise a nail demon?

Don’t touch my nails.


2 Responses to “Nail demon”

  1. smoothpebble Says:

    I don’t have much to offer other than holding him down the few minutes it takes to get the job done. You probably don’t want to hear this…although I say it in love…there’s an analogy here for future parenting moments. Sometimes we have to lean into our discomfort when we know it’s for the good of our kids even when they are expressing their unhappiness. And kids are incredibly resilient, Archie will recover from the nail trimming trauma quickly. I always used the tiny nail clippers and with practice I got it done quickly and cleanly. OR have Eli do it. : )

  2. olive juice Says:

    Luv the pictured commentary from Archie!! miss you, my friend

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