My day

9 November, 2012

mother and baby b&w

Some days being a mom is super challenging and other days it seems relatively easy… today has been both. The little dragon got his first shot and spent most today sleeping (easy) but when he wasn’t sleeping he was agitated and sad (hard). Amelia the wonder dog spent the WHOLE day by his side, not even wanting to go out to pee. She seemed to sense her bald puppy wasn’t feeling good, or maybe that I was worried– either way it was sweet and slightly annoying as I had to push her aside anytime I needed to do anything, and deal not only with little dragon tears but a sad worried dog (who frankly hasn’t had a proper bath in months and smells terrible).

Vaccination was a tough decision– it’s hard to find impartial information. We ended up watching a documentary on it late last night that strived to represent both sides… but after watching footage of a baby with whooping-cough I started crying and we decided the benefits of vaccination probably outweigh the risks… Honestly we just wanted someone to tell us definitively what the Best thing to do was, but we had to rely on our own logic and instincts. Somehow that doesn’t seem safe (knowing all the times we’ve screwed up our own lives) but I trust, somehow, that it’s way better to do what we think best than follow what someone else tells us is right. Hopefully.


One Response to “My day”

  1. smoothpebble Says:

    I’m a pretty earthy, holistic mom, but I do believe vaccinations are a good thing. My older two had chicken pox and it’s no fun for anyone when your kids are miserable. Somehow I think your logic and instincts get ramped up to a supernatural level when it’s about your child. As always these are just my opinions. I never claim to have the truth.

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