a new center to my world

15 September, 2012

week 1

I love being a mom. Even when he’s screaming, even when my breasts are so full they ache, even when I have to pee and he is eating, even when I need a cup of coffee and he needs changing. I’m in love like I’ve never been before.
I worried I wouldn’t like being a mom- having my identity so changed– I certainly didn’t like being pregnant.
I didn’t feel that rush of love when he finally came out that some people describe- I felt relief, and confusion, and the next morning I marveled at how cute he was but it wasn’t like it was a couple days later- a love so strong if I wasn’t sitting down it would bring me to my knees.


2 Responses to “a new center to my world”

  1. smoothpebble Says:

    Ah, it’s happened…the love that moves mountains! I’m already smitten with that face, those fingers, that tiny mouth.

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