in which I complain a lot

18 February, 2012

Apathy and other small victories

I hate cute.
I really can’t fucking stand it.
Sweet, darling, adorable- these are also on the list of go fucking die.
I like coffee, I like it as black as my sense of humor, I like wrong and angry and mean.

So stop calling and expecting happy glowing Lea. She is not here. You may try again in 6 months or so, but I doubt I’ll have changed much.

A (part of the) list of things that now make me so seriously puke are:
food, target, the food at target, the smell of food, the smell of target, my dog’s breath, my husband’s unwillingness to argue with me, my husband’s fucking niceness, anyone giving me advice, baby books, pregnancy yoga, earth mothers, the zits all over my fucking face, my giant fucking tits, clothes shopping, being so goddamn tired, cute, adorable, sweet, darling, well intentioned people I used to be able to stand, myself, my bloated ugly body, crazy detailed dreams and you, if you tell me anything about my future or how I’ll feel ‘in a couple months’.
and being pissed off and sad. that’s fucking nauseating too.

And now, since I’m like REALLY pissed off and nauseated thinking about the things that nauseate me, some things I can stand:

the canary.


3 Responses to “in which I complain a lot”

  1. well then maybe you should tear up my letter when it arrives. although i don’t remember using any of those fucking annoying words, and really you can be as pissed off you need/want to be. you are not going to scare me away! maybe that makes you want to puke too… whatever, i love you anyway.

  2. Matt Says:

    F keys that don’t work. Glad we fixed that.

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