25 January, 2012


A couple weeks ago, when my period still hadn’t come and my boobs felt like they were falling out of my bra I took a pregnancy test.

Then, when the display INSTANTLY turned into a plus sign, I convinced myself I had done it wrong. It was a Saturday.

I took two more tests, with the same results.
So… I went to the doctor… and she had me pee on ANOTHER test and told me I could expect a baby around August 27th.

I’m pregnant.

My whole world has changed, and not just because I can’t fit into any bra I own.

We’ve told just about everyone, now, except my grandpa, who actively doesn’t use the internet… As if sharing the news will spread joy and lessen our fears… but it has, actually.

Consider yourself spread with a small amount of joy. and some nausea.


2 Responses to “Spread”

  1. Corin Says:

    Welcome to the club.

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