shopping lists

5 December, 2011

Inspired by the above video, Eli and I made the following lists of things we need from the store:

Eli’s list for me:

1) Automatic finger-nail trimmer
2) cat-patch kit
3) instant egg- spray
4) meat-polish
5) face diapers
6) fish de-beaker
7) dog diabetes test kit
8.) grumble tube
9) butcher’s watch
10) power cheese

My list for Eli:

1) vegetable sunscreen
2) baby tape
3) reduced-guilt toilet paper
4) carrot filters
5) manatee saddle
6) quick dry coffee
7) personal eye-repair kit
8.) overnight toilet tabs
9) dance pole
10) finger sleeves


4 Responses to “shopping lists”

  1. I’m laughing to hard to think. But I will be back with a list. Oh yes I will.

  2. 1. Fudge ripper
    2. Scab vent
    3. Nose Camo
    4. Joke meter
    5. Gerbel socks
    6. Glow in the dark t.p.
    7. Tree ointment
    8. Baked goods glue
    9. Time release cat litter
    10. 3 in1 condiment packets

  3. Also forgive my grammatical error in using the wrong “to” in my first comment…

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