why kids are easier than coworkers

11 August, 2011

pests never looked so good

So, my boss. Let’s call him… Sage. No, that was Kitt’s dog’s name… Let’s call him… Aaron. Aaron flinches every time I call him boss, but regardless of his feelings, he’s the one who pays me and answers my questions, so he is, in fact, my boss.
And he’s pretty fun. Anyways, he’s living with a great lady and her kids- I LOVE her kids. They come into the shop with Aaron all the time, and they seem to enjoy me as much as I do them. I sat down to write about them, actually, and how much I love their honesty.

Sarah* and Adam (the kids) are sitting on either side of me at the counter, drawing Pokémon and telling me all about their various powers. The other employee of the store walks in the front door and towards us.

“Hi Mike”, Adam says.

“Hey Buddy”, Mike says, “What are you drawing? That’s so much better than I could do.”

“Really?” Adam asks. “Hey, is that your jelly in the fridge?”

Mike shakes his head and before he can answer Sarah cuts in- “Lea told us you spilled Jelly on the floor and she had to clean it up”.

I look at Sarah quickly and then up at Mike, who smirks at me.

“Oh, she told you that did she?”

I look at Sarah and then Adam and ask them if they remember how I told them it made me feel. Sarah and Adam grin and respond in perfect unison “You said it made you Sad”.

Mike says “Well, did she tell you what she made ME do?”

The kids shake their heads no and ask what it is I made him do.

“Of course not. She wouldn’t tell you that part”.

Sarah looks at him incredulously. “What? What did she make you do?”

“She made me mop. The whole front of the store.”

At this point I turn around to cover my smile and see Aaron in the back, laughing quietly. I get myself under control and turn back to the kids.

“That’s right, I made him mop the floor. Remember that. If you make a big mess and leave it, there will be consequences”.

Sarah looks up from her drawing and says, (in what I can only describe as a perfect little princess voice) “I would never spill jelly on the floor. I would only eat it over a paper towel or a plate and then clean up the crumbs”.

And then I kissed her on the top of the head and went to the bathroom and ran water so no one could hear me laugh.

* Wearing a yellow cape she tells me has been made “with courage”


One Response to “why kids are easier than coworkers”

  1. I love this.

    It was the cape. The cape won me over.

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