26 June, 2011


I got a letter from PawPaw today, photos of the yard tucked in, his cursive writing on the back filling me with homesick longing. I like it out here in the delta though, with newness nearly common and place-making easier every moment, the breeze and the bugs and the constantly shifting mood of the river… but oh I can almost feel the Midwest this time of year, when the days are so long and the nights warm and wet and everything green, so green….
There’s a different quality of light here- all filter-free blonds and purple- and I can see the beauty-finally- but I haven’t quite figured how to photo it… yet… I never thought I’d say this, but it’s honestly really fun to work in a city- the constantly flux of people and ideas and faces and encounters and movement- and then-I get to leave. Load Amelia in my too-hot car, jump onto the interstate, put the VW through all her gears and navigate traffic that on good days makes me feel like winning at blackjack and on bad days makes me want to go all Walden on the world-and then- when I simply can’t take the idiot cars and the sun RIGHT in my eyes for ONE MORE SECOND I see the exit for the levee. I breathe out and count cows and cattle egrets and old boats and trailer parks; then the second drawbridge (MY drawbridge) and Amelia sits up and looks out the window, and we pull down into the driveway and… … peace. A weird, unsettlingly blond and purple-lit peace, but… yes, I think I like it here. As long as I don’t look at PawPaw’s photos.


2 Responses to “Green”

  1. harlequin Says:

    the traffic description is perfect. It is like winning at blackjack.

  2. Gorgeous. I can see it in my mind.

    Miss hearing from you.

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