friends and fish

22 March, 2011

baby snakes

I wish there was a way to make this post pretty, to fill it up with poetic prose, to wax golden words over silvered sentances, but… no. There is no shimmering poetry here, only the sun worn and shabby mundane colors of daily life- it’s all baby poop brown and dusty green and faded blue- It’s the easy, familar colors that blend into the background, the hue of the unspectacular, the unlarming and unassuming tone of the every day.
I have my house back!

11 days of houseguest and their jangling colors, all lurid oversaturuated hothouse noise. 11 days of cooking, cleaning, cooking cleaning.
House guests seldom visit without some annoyance, I guess, and perhaps I’ve never had people stay that long before. But I’m exhauseted and confused. Maybe it’s just that my other house guests are really, really, good people… maybe it was something I did… maybe I just won’t have guests for a long, long freaking time.


2 Responses to “friends and fish”

  1. harlequin Says:

    my dad always say house guests and fish stink after three days.

  2. smoothpebble Says:

    i only wish i had seen this earlier, we have our own particular house guests that really smell the place up only HOURS after they arrive, and they always stay at least three days.
    hope you’ve recovered by now.

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