9 January, 2011


It’s national letter writing week; I figured you deserved a letter. You deserve a lot more than a letter, but I’ve been too tired, too uninspired- no- despired. Whenever I leave this old little claptrap among mousetraps I come back deflated, exhausted… flat… all the angry people and the despicable traffic = despired.

There’s a house out in the ‘country’ that we’re thinking about renting, but the idea of signing a 12 month lease and doing that whole packing-moving-discovering of upsetting and unique rental house flaws… When even getting groceries feels like some kind of endurance marathon of patience and fear… well… it’s easy to ignore it for a while longer yet…

yet… yes. It gets better. Slowly, but yes, better. And maybe I know this only because I painted my toenails bright blue a few minutes ago, the first time I have done so since moving out here, and it seemed, right after i painted the last one, that the next thing to do was write you a letter, because yes, it gets easier, I have blue toenails.


2 Responses to “despired”

  1. harlequin Says:

    I’ll help you carry things. Anythings.

  2. harlequin Says:

    post script

    that image is delightful

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