22 November, 2010


I escaped into a rather delicious fiction book yesterday, discovered some words I’d not yet learned:

Tentacular: adj., of, relating to, appearing similar to and/or consisting of tentacles.

Now, instead of cringing while looking at the subdivisions and neighborhoods surrounding Sacramento as somewhere we might live, I can brush them all off as part of the tentacular urban sprawl of crime and traffic.

Perspicacious: adj., of acute mental or visual discernment: keen.

Now when I walk in parks and pain-staking step over the used diapers, maxi pads and condoms I can blame my innate perspicuity and not the fucking litterbugs populating the earth with their mucous trails of festering disease.

Caprice: noun, 1). A sudden, impulsive, or unmotivated notion or action, 2). A sudden, unpredictable change or series of changes, 3). A disposition to do things impulsively.

Instead of curling up in the fetal position after every drive round the block, shaking in shock at the utter insanity of angry, widely unpredictable and overwhelmingly fast traffic, I can shake my head at the caprice of Sacramento drivers, doomed as they must be to continually ride the 10th ring of hell (I 80).


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