Undulations ahead

8 November, 2010

muscovy duck (?)

I’m still having a hard time writing. Eli say’s I’ve lost my mojo, or inspiration, or whatever the cool kids are calling it these days. So, in no particular order, some random thoughts I’ve had:

What’s this? A light at the end of the tunnel? OH, oh. It’s a fire.

California is its own planet; a planet so close to the sun that it has begun to orbit itself.

I think maybe I just can’t feel the magic here. It’s huge, yet decidedly un-cosmopolotan. I get the feeling the 1/2 million people who call this city home have never really left here- my out-of-state licence and plates earn constant attention and derision. Or maybe that’s how everyone is here. Don’t know. I do know that the one face I see again and again is the bum working the area around Trader Joes. I’m floored by the out-and-out newness.
It’s so political that I literally heard someone describe their cheese as being more ‘liberal’ than ‘conservative’. (I bought the aged raw-milk. I’ll let you decide which side that particular cheese leans toward.) Occasionally, rarely, I find myself lucky for discovering an alien culture in my own country, for seeing for the first time what others take for granted- for example, yesterday (or last week, or sometime) I drove over not speed bumps, not speed humps, no not even sleeping policemen but UNDULATIONS.


3 Responses to “Undulations ahead”

  1. harlequin Says:

    i have been opening this little notebox
    for days now, wondering what to say.

    nothing will make it better,
    and sympathy probably just makes you want
    to use your pen for something, like gouging out the crooner’s eyeballs.

    Then they’d have to make the signs for undulations in braille, a retexualiazation
    which would make sense for the place you are in.

    Can you feel what I’m saying?

  2. smoothpebble Says:

    what harlequin said – don’t have any words to say it better.

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