Things I have done in Sacramento

23 October, 2010

1) feared for my life
2) got new dents and dings on my car
3) was assaulted
4) called 911
5) dealt with police officers who lie
6) stared at walls
7) cried
8). felt like a failure
9) tried to find a new house
10) lost my fucking mind


4 Responses to “Things I have done in Sacramento”

  1. 'Fox' Says:

    Awe, Lea…Wish I could come visit again. Though I know you’re probably happy without family for now.

  2. GAP Says:

    Stay strong Lea, I know how hard it is to up and move your entire life to a new place. But in sometime you will get used to it and you’ll learn to be happy. Miss you!

  3. harlequin Says:


    olive juice

  4. smoothpebble Says:

    how about now? like a week later… is there anything that stands out as good, like maybe you found your mind or at least a piece of it. god i hope so, it makes me sad to think of you miserable.

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