adventure in yellow

9 September, 2010

adventure in yellow

Well, here we are, here I am, a new word document, a new house, a new state. New new new. It’s dry here- immediately recognizable and unquenchable- the locals are quick to point it out when we tell them where we’re from- they seem quite proud of the lack of humidity but I find myself wishing they would apologize.
The drive was yes, beautiful, and with the rental truck and trailer a special kind of hell on 10 wheels- coming into the Sierra Nevada’s at dusk was- well, a mistake not soon to be repeated- but also probably an epic tale to be retold at least once a year.

I’m flying back to Southern Illinois tomorrow to pick up my car and party with the family and then the slow, and hopefully beautiful drive back to what I can only so tentatively call ‘home’.

I’m open to suggestions about places to stop, by the way- I’ll be driving through Illinois, South Dakota, Wyoming… I think. I’ll decided for certain when I get there.


2 Responses to “adventure in yellow”

  1. GAP Says:

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who gets irritated when people point out that their home location isn’t as humid as the one I live at and how that’s a good thing. Considering I’ve always lived in places with a high humidity index, I feel like telling them that, believe it or not, their dry weather is as uncomfortable for me as my humid one for them!

  2. harlequin Says:

    The image is breathtaking.

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