samnambulate stars

16 August, 2010


I’m too old to stay up all night without a good reason. So maybe that’s why I did it. Maybe I’m only writing now so I can justify- The need to drive at 3am, the need to be alone, to put a different perspective on the same tired old thing.

We move in like 15 days or something and, yes, you’re right, that is soon, but it’s also sooo far away, when each moment hangs in the humid air like rain that just won’t fall… I drove out past the light pollution and sat by my car and wished on Perseids until my neck hurt and itch on my thigh made it clear that the mosquitos had penetrated my jeans.

It’s almost dawn now and the stars are all but gone. I can hear the new girl upstairs getting up; the creaking bathroom floor, the groaning of bed springs… I’m somewhere between sleepwalking and daydreaming, between far and familiar, between shooting stars and mosquito bites.


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