The Crush

2 August, 2010

scooter ride 1

Shall I tell you about the Fair? I forgot, I guess, that it is a state fair. In the State capital. In one of the most populated states in the US. I’m not sure how to react, besides being alternately appalled and impressed… I’ll play the overwhelmed observer, for now. And what I observed, through my increadibly ill-chosen long-lens camera, was too many people in too little space to even be able to take a photo of the too many people in too little space. The actual space, though, in terms of feet and meters was huge. I think we walked a quarter of it but I can’t really be certain as I never lost the crush of people. We spotted a fried artichoke stand and waited in line for an hour (Eli says it was 10 minutes) while fireworks shot off somewhere above us.
Shall I tell you of the tweens, dressed to the nines, or the $40.00 we spent before we even got past the FOUR security checkpoints?
Shall I tell you of the tattoos, the T-shirts, the absolute crush of classes and colors and Heels and- really who the fuck wears heels to the fucking fair- Shall I tell you that after eating one, one fried artichoke I threw the 7.00 plate away and found myself some corn on the cob with a significantly shorter line and even shorter people in front of me in the cue.
Shall I tell you about the children on leashes, the !oh dios mios! overheard every other second from some tween along the midway, the chocolate covered bacon or the un-intentially educational fair ride air-brushed with every single California stereotype possible?


2 Responses to “The Crush”

  1. harlequin Says:

    Like a puppy, I am sitting up on my hind legs,
    begging for more.

    Thank you.
    I love your writing.

  2. smoothpebble Says:

    yes, but did you have fun?

    and what a completely accurate, and do i detect a hint of cynical, description.

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