4 Responses to “Batspit’s crazy”

  1. NGS Says:

    I’d lean towards Children or Toys. Even though your mobiles are something more, I think for a quick search, that’s where I would go if I were looking for a mobile.

  2. harlequin Says:

    I really like the pink cascade, thats a new take!
    I don’t know what category mobiles fall under… its a good question.

  3. Google search results:
    Mobiles Art = 14,500,000 Google hits
    Mobiles Children = 13,100,000
    Mobiles Paper goods = 12,500,000
    Mobiles Accessories = 12,000,000
    Mobiles Toys = 7,770,000
    Mobiles Housewares = 1,130,000

    Etsy Search results:
    Children = 1031
    Art = 963
    Accessories = 677
    Housewares = 484
    Paper Goods = 232
    Toys = 102

    For marketing purposes, Art and Children are your best bets. But Etsy generally lets you tag items with multiple tags. Since arbitrarily forcing your work into categories is limiting, I’d say do what you damn well please.

    That being said, I would tag them “eclectic mixed-media kinetic chandelier sculptures” just to be difficult.

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