31 May, 2010


Oh how I itch.  Two weeks ago I tackled the weedy patch of ancient poppies next to my sister’s house- sweaty and dirty and triumphantly carrying the buckets full of weeds to the pile behind the garage.  The next morning I woke up to a right arm covered in a poison ivy rash.   But I don’t get poison ivy, I thought to myself, feeling my skin turn into goose-bumps as I watched the red lines between blisters swell.

Days later, more poison ivy on my other arm.  Then a few days later on my leg.  Now it’s been 8 days and the original spots are getting better, and I think the patch on my leg that is currently on fucking fire is as bad as it can get, which surely means I’ll get better soon.

I’ve spent the better part of the week sitting next to a fan next to the air conditioning listening to old movies and applying Ointments and avoiding looking at my body while crocheting with twitching fingers dying to itch the unitchable and

I always thought I had a fairly high tolerance for pain but oh, oh how I itch.


2 Responses to “itchy”

  1. Jacob Says:

    I once ended up in the hospital for poison ivy. I was clearing vines from a chain link fence that had gotten overgrown and what started out as honeysuckle gradually turned into poison ivy without me noticing until it was too late. My arms were in such bad shape (double their size) that they had to put the IV in my neck. So that sucked.

    Also, be careful of the clothes you wore when you got the poison ivy. The irritating oils cause the rash can make it through the wash and re-irritate the skin later.

  2. smoothpebble Says:

    lye soap, and use it every day! It really helps to dry out the rash and alleviate the itching. Steroid shot – that works too!

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