almost, again

11 May, 2010

the order of things 1

I checked my horoscope today and it told me I might be frustrated by a lack of concrete plan, and lo, I am frustrated by a lack of concrete plans.

I’m sitting in the department now on a semi-public computer waiting for one of my committee members to get here so he can tell me how much more I need to do before he’ll sign the form I so need him to sign. I am beyond burned out and what I really want is for him to sign the form without telling me how much more I need to do…

They have decided not to fund me next semester, so I think Eli and I are going to move across the country to his company’s main branch…. maybe. If they accept his revised proposal… and if we can ever find a place with a lawn and affordable rent/mortgage and oh good god Sacramento has like 15 zipcodes and I’ve only ever visited the state once, and i hated it,
but whew, ok,

I’ve killed 10 minutes…. 40 to go.

I’m going to walk to starbucks.



4 Responses to “almost, again”

  1. Pare Says:

    Almost, again, all will be well, all will be well, and all manner of things shall be well. Truly.

    • TJ Says:

      oh lord. SIU loves driving their grad students away! only, you’re thinking of moving in the wrong direction. i got all excited for a second thinking that you would be headed east. booooo.

      hopefully you will still be there in august when i come and visit. i miss you.

  2. smoothpebble Says:

    Now that I’m late to the scene – any more concrete in your plans yet? Pare always seems to say just the right things. I’ll just add – breathe in, breathe out, put one foot in front of the other, repeat…

    • batspit Says:

      Jackie, We’re waiting on the partners to look over the proposal we sent them re: the moving offer… we want more of a cost of living increase… we’ll probably get it. But… no solid plans yet. I’ll send you a letter soon as the semester is over – I’ve begun research and am procrastinating as usual. I want to find a house out near Sacramento but I’m not sure we’ll be able to find one/get a loan, so I’m mentally preparing to walk away from rental Garden after carefully tended Garden… but, I am excited and hopeful… I’m going shopping now, I think. Because the toilet is clean and so are the dishes but this Consent Form stuff for the research is NOT getting better. 😉


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