Inscincere Melody

17 January, 2010


My stomach hurts like I’ve had too much coffee because, probably, I’ve have had too much coffee. January is a cold month, says Captain Obvious, but it’s never quiet. January’s upbeat melodies ring a bit insincere, the body aches for a silence wrapped in the back of eyelids. Silence sounds like warm sheets and mounds of pillows and the tiptoe blue of dawn through frosted windows. It must be actively stolen from January, from the guileless month of alarms and phone calls and buzzers and noise makers and of course (of course) the subtle, omnipresent warfare of domestic life, all root vegetables sizzling on the oven, car engines struggling to turn over, tires slushing a-rhythmically over moist ground, the heater and the fan, the ghosts, the faint pang of memories, pallid and fading in the cold pools of weak light.


3 Responses to “Inscincere Melody”

  1. harlequin Says:

    your words smell of caramelizing vegetables, sweet potato…

  2. Bea Says:

    It has taken me, oh, I don’t know, about six months of lurking to finally get up the stones to leave you a comment.

    I am head over heels with your writing and photography. Never stop — please, never stop.

  3. smoothpebble Says:

    yes – exactly what Bea said -never stop.

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