uck all.

30 September, 2009

I’ve seen this episode before, but I’m tired and my eyes hurt and if I write one more sentence I later delete it just might kill me. It’s almost better that I know all the words and the next scene and the next time the laugh track would have played if these shows had been filmed a decade earlier, it’s easier to pretend I enjoy this recycled crap if I don’t have to concentrate.
the “F” key flew off the keyboard yesterday. I thought I could deal with it, but it’s driving me fucking crazy- it makes cursing so much more difficult than it needs to be.  If the dirt on the key pads is any indication, my index fingers normally rest on the j and f… nut now my left index finger pad fiddles with a weird little plastic nipple, depressing it when there is no need to and failing to fully depress it when a rapid-fire thought streaks across my mind and demands its brief time on the screen- it’s like a chipping a tooth.
I’m headed out-of-town this weekend to attend a wedding. It’s supposed to be rainy and cool and the drive is boring as shit, but I’m looking forward to landscapes made of more than words, to watching them blur into one another, field to field, mile by mile, mcdonalds by mcdonalds.


One Response to “uck all.”

  1. Mwa Says:

    I liked your little f-riff.

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