8 hours later

27 June, 2009


I was wrong when I spoke before.  No matter how I love these gentle hills filled with places and people I know, that I am,  there is only one home, and it is with you.  Home is next to you, beside you, in our bed, no matter what that bed should smell like.  When you are not here, when I must sleep alone, in this house I clean and decorate and know, it is only preparation, it’s just a building, and no matter how comfortable I make it, it is empty without you.


One Response to “8 hours later”

  1. smoothpebble Says:

    I love this photo and the way you processed it and wow it must be hard to be working from a long distance marriage and the city can suck the soul out of a country person but when your love is in the city and your soul is in the country well i just don’t know but you two will figure it out because well i guess your souls are intertwined now no matter where your address is…..

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