7 June, 2009

ornamental cabbage

I’m learning, very slowly, that Eli doesn’t like to be written about- not here, not for the public. I imagine my love sonnets are ok, but when I write about his masculinity, well, it has a nasty way of sneaking up later and turning itself into a barb. My words can become missiles launched by others, heat synching missiles designed to strike somewhere between the defensive and offensive fields….
And in any case there has been far too much happy on this blog. Happy is rather dangerous, I think. Happy is only attachment, or dukkha, which translates to suffering. (and yet another example why the Buddha and I cannot be friends… besides the fact that he was a sexist, family abandoning twerp).
Anyway, happy makes me twitchy, waiting for the sounds of missiles and fireworks from a formerly obedient colony. And the best way to deal with someone disliking being discussed on a public blog is to write about how and why they dislike it, right?

That’s what I thought, too.


2 Responses to “Cabbage”

  1. smoothpebble Says:

    I knew it……the “happy” was going to be sabatoged and would be impossible for you to linger in very long…..;) But yeah if you are wanting missiles and fireworks this might be the way to get them.
    don’t be afraid of the happy – seriously! embrace the happy, make the happy your friend! (and this is where you are welcome to send me hate mail!)

  2. GAP Says:

    Happy IS scary. It is scary because we’re sure there’ll be something that’ll mess it up. And that’s why you should enjoy it as much as possible because in the future there will still be happy, but just not the same kind of happy that you’re feeling right now.. 🙂

    Oh by the way, I agree about Buddha, sexiest family abandoning twerp is exactly what he was. But then again he was a brilliant speaker, good enough to capture the attention of a ton of people, lol..

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