Thought Experiment IV

2 June, 2009

distaster relief

Do you ever sit, with medicine bottle in hand, completely unable to remember if you have just taken the pill or not?


Me either- I mean, who would be that scatterbrained, right…

But, say, hypothetically speaking, that was the case…

do you

A) figure you’d remember something like swallowing a pill, and shake one out from the bottle,
B) figure you’ve already taken the pill because there’s no other reason for the bottle to still be in your hands, and screw the lid back on, or
C) figure you’re fucking loonytoons anyway, and take half a pill to try and even it all out.

Buddha would take half a pill.

Just saying.


One Response to “Thought Experiment IV”

  1. Eli Says:

    Take two and call Cookie Monster in the morning.

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