the perfect lemon

31 May, 2009


Being happy is exhausting, I tell you.  Simply, achingly, draining.  Eyes sting a little, too much light and sunscreen smeared dives.  Sun-drenched skin moon-washed in into soft paths of diamonds, maps, keys, cornerstones like your favorite happy people laughing, dancing, smiling and not the pretty camera smile either but genuine, lips curled over teeth, rolling in each pregnant honeysuckled breath while snorting like a pig, smiling.

2 Responses to “the perfect lemon”

  1. harliquin Says:

    exhaustion? The tingle (or sting) of your body upon the world still pouring into you, despite your ever pressing need to silence your body’s capture of the earth, sun, and water through smeared sunblock, the universe presses itself into your senses like a lover. Such exhaustion enchants.

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