somnambulate saccharinity

27 May, 2009

photo by Matt Harrison

I’m eating Italian ice to cool down.  It’s 2:02am and I can’t sleep. There are piles of treasure filling my dark house, just begging me to trip over one of them and wake up Eli.

There’s so much to say, I can’t find where to start. I’ve been blissed out for days, but still I waltz around with this stupid grin on my face so saccharine it out sweetens McDonald’s southern style tea, or humming bird food, or dates, I don’t know, enter some uber sweet thing at the end of the sentence and call it done.

in other new,
I’m married!


5 Responses to “somnambulate saccharinity”

  1. GAP Says:

    Getting married does that to you 😉 Glad to you hear you guys are doing great 🙂

    • Leasoup Says:

      After all it took to get to that day, you deserve to walk on clouds for a while. It’s inspiring to us all 😉 Enjoy yourself!

  2. Martha Says:

    Well, look at this wonderful blissful image!!!

  3. smoothpebble Says:

    I also have a picture of the two of you that looks just like the one above!
    as sweet as the inch thick frosting on store bought cake! 🙂

  4. Eli Says:

    You married a bald guy???

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