other people’s inlaws

21 May, 2009


Eli’s family will explode into my house in a few hours.   There are so many things to do in the next few days, I forget before I remember to put it on the list.  I should write something really positive, really happy and optimistic.  But I’m only feeling the hum of worry and anxiety in my belly and- wasn’t this supposed to be fun?  When did it stop being fun, exactly?  But here’s one thing I do know- I have gas, and thusly, may take a hot shower for the first time in 14 days.  Hallefuckingluiah.


One Response to “other people’s inlaws”

  1. Rua Says:

    I can definitely empathize on both parts. We had epic flooding here last year (making things like bathing and flushing a toilet impossible for quite a while!), and I got married two years ago. Sorry to hear both bouts of craziness are hitting you at once. I promise the insanity will pass. At least the big day itself passes by so quickly, almost in a heartbeat. I have even fonder memories of the following day, where we did absolutely nothing and avoided everyone. It was fantastic. Good luck this weekend. 🙂

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