Bargaining with the Weather

14 May, 2009

Eli fought with himself, wishing he had a chainsaw, a generator, a truck- all those things Manly men have, which didn’t seem important before but now appear glaringly obvious in their absence. He tries to protect, to tell me to watch out, to go to the cellar NOW, to go rest and eat real food, but I only halfheartedly listen, moving without watching, outworking the contractors, stopping at McDonalds for their ice cold diet coke and internet signal.

I put the free handed to work, organize the labor, realize I am becoming my aunt. My horoscope says to pick a single direction and try to finish it, but I’m still notating all the damage and prioritizing, comparing apple with oranges and chainsaw sizes.

We will get married, it seems, down at the fish hatchery. It needs work, but I have a small army waiting for instructions.


3 Responses to “Bargaining with the Weather”

  1. smoothpebble Says:

    You didn’t think I would see this and just leave it alone did you? Is there some damn good reason you were not in the cellar – ALL OF YOU!! You can’t make me care about you and then have you sucked up by a land hurricane. I won’t have it!! So glad you are all okay, and while I would have loved to see your Aunt’s yard in all of its glory I think getting married at a fish hatchery is the coolest thing ever.

    • batspit Says:

      ok, see, i have a good excuse. Firstly, friends, pets and daniel were
      securely in the cellar next door, but when the pine ripped out my gas and I
      called the company AFTER they told me all the safety issues they said I had
      to wait for the truck (near the bloody leak) so they would know where it was
      (which completely negated all of their safety information). But… you’re
      right, i should take better care of myself… however, did you see i’ve
      outworked all the contractors? I kick ass!!
      Can’t wait to see you at the hatchery! My aunt and uncle live there until
      he retires from the hatchery- it has a creek which i adore, but is currently
      full of ticks. I hate hate hate those little bloodsuckers. thinking about
      calling someone to come spray, but i don’t know if they work on ticks.
      The papercut RSVP you sent is so pretty, it went maybe five minutes before i
      put it in a frame and stuck it on the wall. You are some kind of magic.

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