spaces of power

27 April, 2009

lets go fly a kite!
Listening to a favorite professor give a talk on the mutli-temporality of “The Big Lebowski” I lean back in my chair, survey the room. The room is hot, full of familiar busts, torsos lining the back and filling the doorway. The department chair is sitting on the floor near the blackboard. I think about offering her my seat and decide not to. I look to my left, to the flickering screen of Meghan’s laptop and listen to the staccato click of her fingers as the screen fills with words. To my right Gauri is stirring her styrofoam cup with a pen. She feels me watch her and returns my gaze, smiling. I smile back and wink. I’m not sure what we’re grinning about, but I don’t think about it- we have this exchange often. I smile again to myself; I am surrounded by bridesmaids. I feel so safe right here between the two of them- safe and powerful. I realize now my problem with Machiavelli’s Prince- I have no issues with ‘might makes right’ articulations of justice, they do make a kind of historical sense- but- power that must be constantly defended is not a power I want. I’d rather have the unshakable, undivided power of friendship- but I digress. These women on either side of me are smart- wickedly smart and wickedly beautiful. I know anything I argue right now will be defended by an intellectual bombardment of logical canons. Nothing will be said in this room that I disagree with. If there is, I won’t even have to speak to hear my argument against it. It will come, with the jaw dropping ferocity of a pit bull mother on PCP and the enlightenment of a starving Buddhist monk. I like this space. I like this friendship, this power of safety. But before I can wish it, the talk is over.


2 Responses to “spaces of power”

  1. GraceArtemis Says:

    That is one awesome kite!

  2. smoothpebble Says:

    Damn brilliant writing!

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