Leta Inagua Reporting

18 April, 2009

work light

Ever wanted an name like those listed on NPR? No? Me either, until I tried the formula by Lianablog.
Take a letter from your middle name and place it somewhere in your first name, then add the smallest foreign town you’ve ever visited.
My NPR name is Leta Inagua.
Wanna play? Leave you NPR name in the comments.

Back to you, Danjeil Iasophia.


3 Responses to “Leta Inagua Reporting”

  1. Leasoup Says:

    Meadlow Drawsko

    Hmmm, maybe I’d just use my own name if I ever make it on NPR (it’s a secret wish I have)

  2. Blunt Says:

    Starah Rougemont

    There are so many ways I could have gone with my first name but I of course chose the one that sounds most like a stripper.

  3. smoothpebble Says:

    Jackjie Banff

    Reporting live from the bowels of the domestic jungle
    *sounds of washing machine running, and dust piling up on the furniture*

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