a better word for ‘murder’

11 February, 2009

like lines of poetry

mendacious (adjective) : given to or characterized by deception or falsehood or divergence from absolute truth

Instead of screaming at the ill-tempered student worker for telling me the only way I could renew my books and stop incurring fines was to physically bring them to the library that she is a cruel power-tripping bitch, I could simply tell her superiors of her mendacious recitation of the library’s rules and regulations.

extirpate (transitive verb*) 1 a: to destroy completely : wipe out b: to pull up by the root2: to cut out by surgery.

Instead of whispering in her ear “ If you lie to me again I will cut your fucking head off” I can quietly recite “I hope you understand that I will not even hesitate to extripate you from my life and the entire human race”.

dysphoria (noun) : a state of feeling unwell or unhappy

Instead of saying “What a shitty day. I feel like Shit. Shit shit shit”. I can lament “My dysphoria extripates my need for a diverse vocabulary”.

*no fucking clue what a transitive verb is.


2 Responses to “a better word for ‘murder’”

  1. smoothpebble Says:

    Your vocabulary posts usually make my day!

  2. carmen Says:

    i check your blog just to expand my vocabulary.


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