the secret is in the ordinary

30 January, 2009

happy feet

As I wait for my lover to come home I pace around with nothing in particular to do and no particularly good feelings about what it is I could be doing. I step to the window to watch for his car. Canine prints criss-cross the snow in their vaguely arching pattern. The trees shine with cold, wet light. It rarely snows like this.

In truth it stopped snowing days ago, but as I watched the roads gleefully go from bad to worse to fine, a small miracle: the driveway was plowed in, completely protecting the house with a solid three foot wall of plowed snow. I hadn’t wanted to leave yet. One snow day was not enough. I would have trudged through snow, all mile and a half, but miracles, if there are, are small, and delicious, and usually mean getting to sleep in.

I move to a different window, watch the street light play through the dripppping icicles, covering every line in abstract geometry. He’ll be able to park on the street, I’m sure. But he’ll have to traverse the snow-wall by foot. I hope he didn’t bring me anything breakable.


3 Responses to “the secret is in the ordinary”

  1. smoothpebble Says:

    This picture is fantastic!! and glad you got to sleep in, and that Eli is on his way!

  2. Pare Says:

    Gorgeous. The photo and the writing, both.

  3. GAP Says:

    PRETTY PRETTY photo! I have to see your camera sometime..

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