I choose you

16 December, 2008

works and lives

I wish I was with you now, in your tiny apartment, with your face too close to mine and your dirty socks mere inches from my food,
I love you like little lines on your face like little pauses in your breath like lifetimes known in seconds and I know you, I do, inside and out- I know you better than you know yourself and we both know when you let me lie to you-
even though there have been others, even though I do not know the future as I pretend to promise it to you- I cannot promise myself to you, not really, but as long as I’m alive- as long as these eyes see- they will see you in little lines and feel your breath in little pauses like lifetimes- because it’s you,
I choose you,
and not in some unreal space of future and till death and all that jizz but now,
now I am with you and when the light turns off it is you I reach for and you I dream of, in your small apartment, with your face too close to mine and your dirty socks mere inches my food.


5 Responses to “I choose you”

  1. Eli Says:

    well….I am sitting in my office on the 20th floor with tears in my eyes. I love you and am glad you are here.

  2. Pare Says:

    Epic. Eternal.


  3. smoothpebble Says:

    Powerful and compelling love note Lea! It seems weird to thank you for putting it out there, but thank you!

  4. […] very slowly, that Eli doesn’t like to be written about- not here, not for the public. I imagine my love sonnets are ok, but when I write about his masculinity, well, it has a nasty way of sneaking up […]

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