now that I have a moment to think

14 December, 2008

high art museum

If I could only paint you with words the way the forest does with light, the way the ocean does with smell and the tug in your belly even when you are on land and cannot see her- if only I could delight you with strings of sentences, like pearls of wisdom on a spider’s silk- you said to me once “this sky that you saw, that you see for the others, I could write novels and not express one bit more than this, in fact I will use this, with your permission, as preface for all I will not write”
but then, you always did have a way with compliments
and I have always been a sucker for complicated beauty.


3 Responses to “now that I have a moment to think”

  1. smoothpebble Says:

    You have astounded me with all of your words today, as I’ve caught up. I’m going to be coming back to reread, just to absorb it all – including Essay question #4. I hope you really did answer it that way, because they need to make you Dean of Anthropology! Maybe now that all of your school work is completed for the semester your words and thoughts are pouring out, unfettered by academia, (and filled with nothing but Eli). Whatever is going on, I want to lift your sentences off the computer screen and taste them they are so delectable.

  2. […] that Eli doesn’t like to be written about- not here, not for the public. I imagine my love sonnets are ok, but when I write about his masculinity, well, it has a nasty way of sneaking up later and […]

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