In which I loose all patience

8 December, 2008


Spending an hour reading blogs is not on your list of things to do today, Lea.

But it’s a two page list! Are you sure it’s not on there somewhere?

I’m sure. Maybe you should get off the couch and move to your desk, it might be easier to work in a work-space.

OK, sure. Oh, look at that, Gunder is out of water… and his cage seems a little dirty, maybe I should….


OK, OK, but he needs water, I mean

LEA, get your a-

OK! I’m sort of hungry, wouldn’t want to work on an empty stomach… and since the bird needs water and his cage is dirty… I should blog this. All of this.

I give up.



One Response to “In which I loose all patience”

  1. GAP Says:

    You are my one true friend..

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