Atop a Steep Hill

25 November, 2008


Eli’s apartment is at the top of nearly vertical hill. I breath heavy walking it and driving it, especially at the point where the car in front of me seems to disappear completely into the abyss.

He’s at work, somewhere on the top floor of the glass building I can almost see if I close my eyes.

I’m writing, I really am. I’m just doing twelve other things at the same time. I enjoy writing so much, and love finishing things, so why do I have such a hard time writing these term papers?

I blame the hill.

Eli’s got a cold that he seems quite unwilling to share. I am taking my weight in vitamins and trying to resist his lovely germs.

I think I’m going to trek down the hill to the city and find one of the ubiquitous FedEx/Kinkos and get change to do laundry. While I write.


3 Responses to “Atop a Steep Hill”

  1. smoothpebble Says:

    Maybe it’s the fresh air and exercise that is keeping you germ free.

  2. Pare Says:

    I think for writers, the twelve or thirteen or forty other things we’re doing at the same time IS writing, in a way. I can’t do a damn thing until I putter for at least an hour – whether’s it’s physically puttering (walking around the apartment, opening unopened mail and picking at imagined imperfections on my skin), or mental puttering (rifling through books and old notes I can’t decode or surfing the stupid, vapid internet until my eyes bulge), it’s all composting for the stuff to come.

    Blame the hill. I mean, I’m all for blaming hills and bad weather (hot or cold, depending on my mood) and tummy aches and unfolded laundry and people who piss me off in a rainbow of ways. But don’t forget to embrace the process. Sure, life would be much more efficient without it, but it’d be pretty damn uniteresting too.

  3. Eli Says:

    My germs liked you, they told me so.

    I am trying to work too, but, on par with the rest, I am having a hell of a time getting started. Puttering sounds like a great idea and if that is technically work as Pare suggests (i am inclined to agree) then we are all going to get A’s and pay checks 😉

    Thanks for a great thanksgiving on top of the health services you selflessly provide me to the detriment of your own work, you are a goddess.

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