self-imposed distractions

23 November, 2008


The cohort in my grad program is small, and we keep loosing people. My favorite is a lively Hindu nicknamed Gap. We instantly found common ground in love of good sales and sinful food. I remember one of the first chilly nights she was here she told me in the hurried, slightly exasperated tone that I’ve heard quite a bit in the past few months, “Lea, it got down to 4 degrees last night!”. I seem to be completely unable to think in Celsius but having remembered checking the weather the night before and seeing a mild 45… I told her to buy a coat and a space heater and made a mental note to check on her when it starts snowing.

So you know how I’m always bitching about Graduate School and how hard it is? I must not be the only one… Gap shaved her head. I don’t fully comprehend her reasons, but I give her props for courage. She has a good head shape but I am just so worried about her being cold… I’ve decided not to write my term papers until after I’ve crochet-ed her scarf and cap.

Did I mention she’s meeting my family this week at thanksgiving and that I had previously described her as the “normal” one of our cohort?

In other new, I’m in Atlanta.


2 Responses to “self-imposed distractions”

  1. Gauri Says:

    THANK YOU!! 🙂

  2. smoothpebble Says:

    Well, considering the stress of grad school I think shaving one’s head could be considered normal! And you must be an angel to think of her cold, well shaped head, and make her a scarf and cap.

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