I am not my paycheck

16 November, 2008

mantle w/ stamp collection

That would be my stamp collection above (Yes… Yea, I know. Philatelists are *so* cool, etc.).

I know you’re all just desperate to see the mundane details of my life (cough), and the pretty little surprises that come in the mail.

I forget sometimes that I do in fact craft and build things that have nothing whatsoever to do with sentences or words.


This quilt is wonky, but I wanted to show my Jackie. It took four and a half years to complete and one and a half to get it on the wall (because using it? Would be unthinkable at this point).

While we’re on the subject of my Jackie, check out what she sent me! (No you can’t have her, we’ve been through this already, I swear):

felted map crane mobile by Smoothpebble

mobile by Smoothpebble

the coolest mobile of folded cranes and felted balls- the cranes were made of recycled maps of Greece. She wrote me it was to honor this year’s Halloween costume. Eli is a cartographer and his mom’s family is Greek (and I think the only way he hasn’t flipped with jealousy at all the awesome mail I get is because he gets to live with it too).


My Jackie also sent this wrist cuff. When I pulled back the tissue paper to see this, I couldn’t help but speak in subdued whispers- I’m still shocked by the detail and the fact she MADE this?

cuff in use!
In case you were wondering how it fits- perfectly. I’m almost smug about it. Proud.

I know I’m wearing my uniform of jeans-tshirt with it today but I think I see this in a bit fancier setting too- one with lace and veils and the dress I haven’t even looked for yet?

And finally, the purse I made for riding the scooter… now that it’s too cold to actually do so…

scooter purse

Eeva-Leena sends me the coolest stuff from around Europe- I’ve had her latest package a week now and I’m still finding things to do with the neat stuff she sent (besides brag and show it off to everyone). The marimekko reflector on the bag was the best finishing tough- perfect in color, function and design- ideal for vespa trips. I briefly thought about putting it on Amelia’s collar, but am just too selfish.

Oh, and lest the almost royal accuse me again of being a sewing genius, a different picture of the bag showing it in all of it’s hand-made imperfect glory:

scooter bag

Incidentally, does any one else find it annoying when a stranger asks if you made the thing you’re wearing?  The day I wore the scooter bag three people asked me that and so I totally redid the strap because… well… because.

Alright, I think there are four or five term papers I need to be writing….

thanks for being such good friends, and reminding me I am more than the words I get payed for.


4 Responses to “I am not my paycheck”

  1. Pare Says:

    Wait, wait: are you a sewing genius? Kidding.

    But it’s totally clear I need to step up what *I* send you because holy mother none of it competes what THAT…

    P.S. I think now you have to find a dress that matches the cuff. I’m mean, it’s not really no choice at this point.

  2. Pare Says:

    “Not really no choice.” I am such a moron. I MEAN “it’s not really *a* choice.” GAWD.

  3. GraceArtemis Says:

    Wow. You are a sewing genius. As someone who has never finished a single thing she has tried to sew, I’m kinda scared of your awesomeness.

    Say, do you happen to know the girth (or circumference, not sure which one is correct) of Amelia’s neck? Or her chest? I need this information because … um, I’m really curious?

  4. smoothpebble Says:

    I love you Lea! Don’t feel threatened Eli. It’s love as in the little sister I’ve never had!
    And maybe people are asking you if you made that because they are thinking it’s so dang cool and wondering if maybe you could make one for them or where they could find the pattern to make one too!
    And the quilt, well I’m just awestruck. You are a sewing genius cause that looks PROfessional!

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