blue and red are not the only colors

6 November, 2008

upside down

I’ve had the Exxon ads on my page for less than 24 hours and I feel the need to publish something new- NOW- so I won’t have to look at their nonsense. Also, I did something pretty risky and sent a link to two of my professors I knew would think it was funny… I should be more worried, I guess, but the two I sent it to won’t hurt me for sharing my personal work (is a blog work? It’s certainly personal).

So, I voted. I don’t really vote or pay attention to politics as I should. In my defense though, I’m trying to understand a slightly grander and yet more intricate view of the world and the constant bifurcation of reality into blue/red, donkey/elephant just seems too arbitrary, and it forgets itself- it assumes too much about what is innate and what is created by humans…

I lost you, didn’t I? I need to stop these tangents…

But anyway, my younger sister told me they already had my form all ready at the polling place and it was super quick, so I figured, what the hell, I might as well vote for Nader…
(Which I did, resisting the urge to write in The Almost Royal)…But then there was some question about an Illinois constitutional convention being reconfigured and if I didn’t vote it counted as a no and quite frankly I have no idea if it needs to be changed (see excuse above).

So I almost felt good, and not like a victim of ontological violence (see tangent above)… If my choices are Turd Sandwich and Giant Douche I’m going to pick the Benign Cyst every time.


2 Responses to “blue and red are not the only colors”

  1. flutter Says:

    I dunno, a nice turd sandwich is hard to beat

  2. smoothpebble Says:

    You. Are. Funny. I’m going to think about this throughout the day, and it will get me through!

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