One Giant Wiener

27 October, 2008


I just spent my entire weekend and the better part of today writing a paper about Margaret Mead that, if I’m lucky, one person on this planet will read.
With that said, here’s a picture of a giant wiener.


3 Responses to “One Giant Wiener”

  1. smoothpebble Says:

    And I wonder what she would say about our culture after seeing the picture of the giant wiener!

  2. batspit Says:

    After 1600 words about the blasted woman, here’s how I think Margaret Mead would answer ‘I am concerned that the symbolic reification of processed lunch meats will have a nutritionally devastating to our cultural future’.

    I’m going to watch T.V now.

  3. Pare Says:

    OH! I love me some Wienermobile. It comes to my town every single year; it’s the FUNNEST.

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