iconoclasts have large vocabularies

15 October, 2008

worm bench

From a page or so in The Order of Things:

Exegesis: explanation, exposition, to lead, seek, an explanation or critical interpretation of a text.

Instead of saying: ‘what the fuck is he saying Marx is saying? It’s like fucking Greek or something, how the hell did he get that from that?! I will have a goddamn aneurysm trying to figure this out. Fuck.’

I can say: ‘His exegesis of Marx is astoundingly complex. Lets hope he doesn’t expect me to be able to follow him’.

Recrudescence: a new outbreak after a period of inactivity; a renewal.

Instead of saying: ‘he is a fair-weather friend and that pisses me the fuck off’.

I can say: ‘the recrudescence of his appearance in my life indicates only fickleness and the general inconsistency of his affections’.

Ludic: of, relating to, or characterized by play: playful.

Instead of screaming: ‘I’m fucking serious you son of a bitch, listen to me when I speak!’

I can say: ‘this is not ludic banter, my dear, these are serious issues that you must address if you wish to remain in my proximity’.


One Response to “iconoclasts have large vocabularies”

  1. jackie Says:

    You make my heart smile, not just my face!

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