an ode to Mauss

22 September, 2008


Instead of finishing the essay due tomorrow morning I wrote this:

An Ode to Marcel Mauss

Oh, dear Mauss, how I hate you
(though I have always longed for your gifts)
Your sentences are too long and archaic,
they leave me with only ‘what if’s’

I really don’t care for your phrasing,
I really don’t like your wit,
Your writing is too dry and too boring,
and I think you are somewhat a twit.

I don’t want to learn about Comte,
I’m positive Durkheim’s long dead,
(and I really can’t follow his theories,
no matter how many times it’s re-read).

In short, please stop being so muddled,
I have other tasks that need doing.
If you want me to get it, write clearly
(instead of this constant eschewing.)


yeah. I’m soooo proud. And I ended in ‘eschewing’. I don’t think I’ve used that word before but I’m almost positive it rhymes with ‘doing’ (at this point I don’t even care what it means, I need to get back to work). Trying to decide if I should attach it to the essay that I am going to finish soon, soon (soon!).


One Response to “an ode to Mauss”

  1. smoothpebble Says:

    Are you some kind of Mensa chick? Maybe you are not getting what you are reading, but I think your brain is one of the largest I’m familiar with, and a poet too. Add those to your desk plate – Mensa Chick and Poet

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