In case I didn’t scare you off with the last post:

15 September, 2008

mimosa pods

I keep thinking about this incident that happened several years ago. As I was coming out of an anthropology class I saw a group of students huddled around a large ziplock bag, talking and gesturing wildly. (This might have happened right before lunch. I don’t remember. I do remember I was hungry.) Recognizing almost all of the faces as friends, as people who love to eat as much as I do, I guessed someone had brought in baked goods and I pushed my way into the circle, demanding my cookie.

It was not cookies.

“These. are. not. cookies.” I spoke through clenched teeth.

Kelly smiled (because Kelly is one sick bitch) and said

“They’re bobcat fetuses! Five! Someone brought them to us, isn’t this awesome?!”

Let me just pause here and let that sink in.

I expected cookies, and was instead excitedly presented with thawing bobcat fetuses.
(5!) Thawing bobcat fetuses. And, apparently, for some people (specifically Kelly) a bag of thawing bobcat fetuses is awesome.

I know some of my peers are obsessed with primate bones, or with primate teeth, or with one particular part of the ankle in captive ring-tailed lemurs, etc., and it’s interesting, I suppose, in a oh-my-god-that-is-so-icky-and-pointless kind of way, but fucking bobcat fetuses?! What on this wonderful blue marble does bobcat fetus have to do with primates?

Now that I’m writing this I remember one acquaintance who spent an entire summer defleshing a lion donated from a nearby zoo for an independent study project. I never did ask her why she was doing it. I’m not sure I need or want to know.

I still believe groups of excited anthropologists are probably excited because there is food, but since the fetus incident I always have someone on the edge assure me nothing in the center has a face before I push my way in, demanding my treat.

(yep. That was my post for today. I hope you weren’t eating).


5 Responses to “In case I didn’t scare you off with the last post:”

  1. GraceArtemis Says:

    Okay, ew. I like bobcats. Alive. It’s little worrisome that someone can be so excited about them when they are corpses. So thankful I decided not to minor in zoology.

  2. Pare Says:

    Wow, so I guess that makes me a total freak that I got excited when I read the words “bobcat fetuses,” huh.

    Is this possibly an indication I am interested in the wrong field? Maybe I could just major “things that make other (normal?) people go “eeeew.”

    Bobcat fetuses. (Huffs.) Had me all worked up, goddammit.

  3. Kirkaguard Says:

    I remember being in Jakarta a few years back, eating with locals in little restaurant outside the city (in the jungle). When I asked what “this” was (looked like a cloudy jello) I was told “OH! This is very good yes? It is-how you say-Cow skin”. I tried not to let them see me gag but they must have. Lovely or revolting was determined by just a few thousand miles of ocean.

  4. smoothpebble Says:

    I’m with Pare, the “bobcat fetus” thing picqued my interest too! I would have felt bad about them, but yea, I would have been curious.

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