she only deserves four letters, but

13 September, 2008

wallmart goth

Dear fuckhead,

I have always loved the word troglodyte, but so rarely find it a fitting insult.  For you, however, my dear anorexic, aging sufferer of fetal alcohol syndrome, troglodyte is in fact the most fitting fucking word to describe you, you fetid sack of melanoma and coca-cola.

You’re like Plato’s cave dwellers, but you’re not even smart enough to recognize the damn shadows on the wall.  Just who the fuck do you think you are? You do not get to treat people like that; you do not get to treat me like that. You are so fucking lucky I have a blog and hate police stations, you insipid toothless sperm receptacle that even a leprosy ridden David Duchovny on Viagra would be loath to have suck his dick.

I am done. I was probably the smartest, most stable person you know, and I’m a fucking high school drop out on anxiety pills, bitch.  You are no longer a fucking person, and we are over like this sentence.


4 Responses to “she only deserves four letters, but”

  1. batspit Says:

    So I’ve received two phone calls about this post, and all I have to say is,


    i could have called her a cum dumpster.

  2. Pare Says:

    Reaction to “cum dumpster” – if she deserved it, why hold back? I mean REALLY.

  3. smoothpebble Says:

    Dear God did that woman say something awful to those kids? You always leave me wanting to know the whole d.a.m.n. story…….

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