4 Responses to “‘absurd’ has lost all meaning”

  1. Pare Says:

    Things I need: a crown (bejewled); sled dogs (at least 4); a black cat the size of Clifford; gold lame shorts (1 pair); a mini unicorn (I might change my mind on this one); a huge bowl of soup (Chicken with Stars, no spoon); a track suit (1; with or without matching ping pong table; a snorkel & mask (preferably green, could make do with blue).

    Unrelated: I have readings too. Mine is more miniature horse-crippling. Or maybe just a big dog? Enough that it could cripple something about waist-high.

  2. smoothpebble Says:

    Absurd Lea or a great way to procastinate the elephant crippling reading you need to do? Just asking?

  3. smoothpebble Says:

    Oh, and for gosh sake steal a picture, ANY picture, from my flickr so my character has a photo by it.

  4. Eli Says:

    This entertained me for about 30 min. I regret ever watching it because the images are now burned into my mind and they consume my dreams now, like you always have.

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