my get out of hell free card

19 August, 2008

left blank

I need to write, but I can’t seem to make myself.  Stumbling haphazardly through papers I spotted something I’d forgotten about.  Something so clever, so wise, I had to save it.

Granted it came attached to a business check at work and is something that would ordinarily be tossed in the shredder without a second glance, but still, it spoke to me.

Are you dying in anticipation now?

Thinking there is no way this random piece of office paraphernalia could possibly live up to my hype?

Somehow that just makes it better.

This little piece of paper, this tiny little printed sentence solves every problem I’ve ever had or ever will create for myself. It reads:



One Response to “my get out of hell free card”

  1. smoothpebble Says:

    Your pictures take me back in time! Going to the hardware store or Coop with my grandfather. Or looking through all of his bins in his equipment shed and filling my pockets with ball bearings or nuts and bolts. Thanks! Oh and I’m hijacking your phrase and writing it on the side of my head with a permanent marker.
    I also gave you an award, details at my site! Participate if you want. Just know that you have been honored!

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