How I will break your heart, part 1

21 July, 2008

two queensanneslace

My daddy’s friends always told him I’d be a heart breaker. Aware it was supposed to be a compliment I wondered why anyone would want to do such a thing. It certainly didn’t match the lessons taught on my favorite PBS shows (well, minus Wild America…)

Despite their predictions I’ve managed to avoid breaking anyone’s heart. I’m sure I’ve bruised a few egos, crushed some hopes and looked back to the fading silhouette waving from the horizon, but I haven’t broken hearts. (That I know of OK, I can think of one but it doesn’t count if you don’t yet have a driver’s license)

All this said (typed, written, whatever) I don’t think anyone should have to go through life without getting their heart crushed and trodden all over at least a half dozen times. I know my own heart has been torn and crumpled so massively I doubted at the time it could ever be repaired. Yet with each repairing, the heart seems to grow stronger, wiser, more sure of it’s own rhythm…. (And how can you ever be sure it’s really your heart if you haven’t had to piece it back together once or twice?)

But still, there are some holes that can never be repaired. Some goodbyes are forever, and they leave gaping wounds and oceans of pain that slowly, oh so slowly, fade to pink scars and meandering trickles: the soft sigh of loss a long time ago, the ache of remembering.


4 Responses to “How I will break your heart, part 1”

  1. Eli Says:

    God I hate foreshadowing. let it be a crushing blow to the skull from behind please, in three weeks would be preferable.

  2. batspit Says:

    no darlin’, you can’t get off my hook that easy. And I certainly wouldn’t do you in with a crushing blow to the back of the head- you know I always start with the eyes.

  3. smoothpebble Says:

    Sorry for being a voyeaur to your conversation, but how can I help it when it I find The Guy as funny and compelling as you batspit….oh and I’ll check out the mix tape when the kiddies are in bed, thanks for the warning!

  4. Pare Says:

    I love this photo. You’re fucking GOOD, dude.

    Wanna be my wedding photographer? Um, seriously.

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