I didn’t know birds could read.

17 July, 2008


It was maybe 10 seconds after work before the clothes came off, pajamas went on, and I was in my bed with the A/C blasting and the Simpson’s playing in the upper left corner of my laptop.

I know I sent at least three self-pitying texts to the guy today. But his last response was so… well, logical I want to kill him:

“I hate bad days. Suck is all you can see in suck-colored glasses”.

I don’t fucking feel good today, but now I’m supposed to figure out how to clean the suck off of my glasses?

Archimedes has been sitting on the edge of my bed while I write this peeping and chirping at the purple finches outside the window at the feeder. Archimedes, as you may remember, is almost finished with his first ever moult (or as I like to call it, “the change”). I’ve been sweeping little orange feathers out of corners and preparing him exquisitely complicated meals for over two months now. He used to sing so constantly I would beg him to stop before the neighbors called the cops, but now I really miss his songs. I think he has forgotten how- and oh my god he just sang! He’s singing! Holy crap! Can he read? Can birds read? How did he know I was writing about him? I can’t believe that just happened.

Alright little birdie!

But I’m still not getting out of bed.

(I doubt you’ll believe Archimedes sang for the first time in two months as I was writing about how he must have forgotten how to sing, but it’s the truth. Girl Scouts honor and all that.)


One Response to “I didn’t know birds could read.”

  1. smoothpebble Says:

    Suck colored glasses and a bird singing on cue. I could only find that here – thanks batspit!

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